Wednesday, April 2, 2008

On-Demand Writing-Is being resilient or quick to recover in response to a challenge essential to success?

Being resilient or quick to recover in response to a challenge is essential to success. One must be able to look back at their mistakes, get back up, and try again. This determination is key to success. Everybody fails. If they were to give up right then and there, success would not exist.
Failure comes naturally to everybody in the world. It is something that we all experience. But what makes people different in that situation is that some of us try again and again until we succeed. As humans, we are not perfect. Wee must be quick in response to a challenge if we are to succeed. This is the only way to be successful.
In the book, "The Life of Pi," a boy gets lost at sea by himself and with some animals. Over the time that he is lost, he attempts to find his way home many times without success. He was determined to find his way home so he continued to search for land and human life. At the end of the book, he finally makes it to land where people help him. This is a great example of determination and never giving up even in the face of failure and possible death.
On a smaller scale, another example is a student who is struggling in school. The student may have trouble throughout the course of the year but if he never gives up he will study and fight for the grade he wants. The student may fail a few times, but the act of getting up and trying over will lead him to success.
In order to succeed, one must not give up. Recovering from a challenge and continuing to work on it will lead to success. Giving up will obviously not lead to success. To reach success, one must learn from their mistakes and capitalize on them. They must take advantage of what they know to turn their mistakes around. Once this is done, the mistakes will not happen again. Success is what awaits from determination.

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I picked this as my on-demand writing because I feel that even though I had limited time to write this essay, my ideas were represented. This essay holds my true feelings on what success is and what people need in order to succeed.