Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Notebook Entry - The Stranger

"The Old people's home is at Marengo, about eighty kilometers from Algiers, I'll take the two o'clock bus and get in the afternoon. That way i can be there for the vigil and come back tomorrow night. I asked my boss for two days off and there was no way he was going to refuse me with an excuse like that. But he wasn't too happy about it. I even said 'It's not my fault.' I shouldn't have said that"(Camus 3).

In this passage we get a feel for the character Meursault. Right away we see he doesn't tend to think about things much. He skips around from subject to subject when he should really stick to one and analyze it more. Right after he finds out about his mother's death, he doesn't cry, instead he tries to figure out how to reach the home and tells the reader about how his boss reacted to him asking for two days off. It is clear that Meursault is not one to show emotion or one to analyze things to get a deeper understanding of it. He just moves on to another subject.

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Rodney B5 said...

I picked this as my notebook entry because it was one of the fist entries I had done this school year. I feel that it shows my interest in the book and how my ideas have changed just a few months later.