Tuesday, April 1, 2008

College Essay

June 2nd, 1995. This is the day I finally turned 5. Though it was such a long time ago, it is not something easily forgotten. That year I would begin attending school at the Hugh R. O'Donnell Elementary School in East Boston, Massachusetts. The first day of school, just like for everybody else, was nerve racking. I did not know what to expect from school. But as time went by it became a daily routine. “Tenes que hacer bien en la escuela.” I would begin to hear this from my parents from the day I began attending school until even now. “You have to do well in school.” Of course, I did what I was told, not necessarily knowing it was all meant to prepare me for this point in my life.

“Vamos hacer todo que puedemos hacer para que tu vayas a la Universidad.” That’s what my parents would always tell me as I got closer to finishing high school. “We will do everything that we can do so you can attend college.” My parents always have told me they will support my desires to attend college. Attending college has always been a dream of mine. Going to high school has all led up to this point. This is my present to my parents after they have sacrificed so much coming to the United States from El Salvador in order to give me this opportunity that I have in front of me now.

June 2nd, 2000. This is the year I turned 10. It is the year that I would change schools. I left the Hugh R. O'Donnell Elementary School and went to the Ferryway School in Malden, Massachusetts. I had to leave the city I grew up in and all my friends. It was a hard shift but I knew it was for the best. East Boston was not the best city for a child to grow up in but it was where I grew up for half my life. My parents always had a reason for everything they did. “Queremos que tengas la oportunidad que nosotros no tuvimos.” The move was based on this statement that they would always tell me. “We want you to have the opportunity that we did not have.” My parents thought being in a better environment would help me. The way I see it, the move helped me grow up and I thank them for this.

June 2nd 2007. Here I am now at age 17. After 11 years of my life it is finally my senior year and I have to begin applying to colleges. Everything my parents have told me and have done for me has brought me here. My dream of going to college and my parents support have both helped me go through the struggles I faced throughout school. The support still continues to help me get closer to my dream. I still hear the same things my parents have been telling me since I was 5. Even though I have heard them so many times I still feel inspiration in them. I am close to making my dream come true.

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Rodney B5 said...

My college essay is my personal writing piece because it is one of the most personal essays I have written. I let the reader into my life with this essay and tried to have people be able to feel what I felt and I think i succeeded.